We at Petrocon Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. are committed to protect the environment & demonstrate occupational health and safety performance of the organization through:

  • Educating and motivating our employee and sub-contractors and providing training to enhance their competence and awareness.
  • Continual improvement of occupational health, safety performance and environment through monitoring and review of set objectives and targets.
  • Complying with all applicable occupational health and safety & environment legislation and other requirements.
  • Continuous improvement in our operations related to our services by conservative use of natural resources like water, fuel, energy and other natural products.
  • Prevent pollution implementing reduce, reuse and recycle methods, control of process emission by incorporating new technologies.
  • Focus of prevention of pollution, injury and ill health.
  • Conservation of resources and reduction in waste.

We at Petrocon Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. endorse our commitment to carry out our business with the best of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment standards.